Here Giffy Giffy Gif Gif!

So I made this particular gif from scratch using Gimp. I’m doing it for the Double Gif Bonanza. It’s not exactly the assignment but I liked this picture more.

I stumbled into it and I think I can replicate the process. It’s not quite right but I’m not sure how to fix it yet. It’s a work in progress. I have this picture of Hafthor Bjornsson right after he broke a legendary strength record. By legendary I literally mean from Norse legend.

So I tried to add a mjolnir tattoo to his torso after he ripped open his shirt. He’s known as Thor, God of Thunder, very powerful etc. etc. I love tattoos as well so I thought it would be a fun way to learn this. And actually there’s some story telling element to it as well. I think I’m also inferring that he does indeed have the strength of Thor.

Fun it was not, but I think I did learn something. I grew and I will continue to learn and perfect my skills. But I have to say that for just stumbling around, I didn’t do too badly.

So here is the first one I made. Pretty annoying.


Here is my slightly more refined one:


What I would like to try to do is get the full mjolnir from the top one without the white background so it looks like a real tattoo. But as you can tell it lost some of its detail in the animation. The layers and images on their own look fine. It’s only when it gets animated does it look worse.

Moving on,

Here’s a link to my post on Gardner Campbell. I feel happy that he took the time to read my post and I’m glad to see that I’m on the right track. You can see my post here .

And the Tweet he sent me here:

Also I did some daily creates which you can find  here.

So things are coming along. It’s very challenging. Yesterday I could not, for love or money, get a gif made and this morning I was able to figure it out. I can see my brain making new neural pathways. It’s interesting but also very frustrating.

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