Here Giffy Giffy Gif Gif!

So I made this particular gif from scratch using Gimp. I’m doing it for the Double Gif Bonanza. It’s not exactly the assignment but I liked this picture more. I stumbled into it and I think I can replicate the process. It’s not quite right but I’m not sure how to fix it yet. It’s […]

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A Digital Facelift or A Bag of Gold

So I’ve used what is probably the most common title used for this assignment. It’s the assignment in Unit 2 where we watch some videos of Gardner Campbell and he talks about the “Digital Facelift” versus a real “cyber infrastructure.” I’m not ashamed. There’s no sense re-inventing the wheel or pretending to find the hidden […]

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DS106 Weekly Summary

So, I started this course on Monday and I have been really enjoying it. It’s hard because I’m not the most technologically inclined person. I mean, I can get by, but I’m learning so much about the nuts and bolts of how to do stuff. I really love that. I’m also amazed at how making […]

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What is Art?

I want to devote an entire entry to the question of “what is art” instead of putting it all together with the other things required in the weekly summary. It was also suggested that we create art in to explain what we believe art is. Writing is my art of choice so consider this to […]

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