A Digital Facelift or A Bag of Gold

So I’ve used what is probably the most common title used for this assignment. It’s the assignment in Unit 2 where we watch some videos of Gardner Campbell and he talks about the “Digital Facelift” versus a real “cyber infrastructure.”

I’m not ashamed. There’s no sense re-inventing the wheel or pretending to find the hidden meaning in this assignment when it’s staring you right in the face.

I had a lot of trouble with this assignment. I wasn’t quite understanding it. The internet became a real thing when I was 15 and I’m not a luddite but I don’t have that affinity for technology that some people and most people who are younger than me have.

Having seen this lecture I think I get what this course is trying to do. It’s trying to immerse you in cyberspace so that you are actually able to use all of the expressive power of the internet rather than just copying and pasting what you’ve written online.

This is actually incredible to me. I have always been more the copy and paste it online. My understanding WAS the digital face lift. But think about it, I can express myself in a very vivid and interactive way on the internet in ways that are simply not possible through other mediums and will only get more interactive in the future.

This is the bag of gold that Gardner is talking about.

We have a bag of gold here and this course, an unfortunately unique course, is trying to prepare us to use this gold and get more.

I think I actually get it now.


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