In this blog post I’ll be writing about storytelling. It’s one of the assignments for the DS106 . What is storytelling? This is one of the big questions because I think storytelling is something that is really human. I may have to revisit this idea if we ever meet aliens and they tell stories too, […]

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Here Giffy Giffy Gif Gif!

So I made this particular gif from scratch using Gimp. I’m doing it for the Double Gif Bonanza. It’s not exactly the assignment but I liked this picture more. I stumbled into it and I think I can replicate the process. It’s not quite right but I’m not sure how to fix it yet. It’s […]

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A Digital Facelift or A Bag of Gold

So I’ve used what is probably the most common title used for this assignment. It’s the assignment in Unit 2 where we watch some videos of Gardner Campbell and he talks about the “Digital Facelift” versus a real “cyber infrastructure.” I’m not ashamed. There’s no sense re-inventing the wheel or pretending to find the hidden […]

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