In this blog post I’ll be writing about storytelling. It’s one of the assignments for the DS106 .

What is storytelling?

This is one of the big questions because I think storytelling is something that is really human. I may have to revisit this idea if we ever meet aliens and they tell stories too, but for now it’s human.

I think at the end of the day storytelling is telling the truth.

I think that’s the point. We’re trying to tell each other truths and share our experiences in dealing with these truths. I think that’s why stories and storytelling are so beautiful as well. We can all relate to stories and the truths they share.

We can travel to far off places in the comfort of our home and still be exposed to and learn truths about or human existence. It doesn’t matter if the stories are fiction or true, they can all shed light on the human condition.

I wish I had more to say and could be more profound but this is what I have for what is story telling.


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