What is Art?

I want to devote an entire entry to the question of “what is art” instead of putting it all together with the other things required in the weekly summary. It was also suggested that we create art in to explain what we believe art is. Writing is my art of choice so consider this to be my artistic representation of art.

Now, to the question of art.

I think the best explanation of art and the one that speaks most powerfully to my heart is the explanation given by one of my favourite authors, Alan Moore. I found this video of Alan Moore talking about art and writing in particular.

He calls it magic. He calls everything that does not exist and then is manifested into existence magic and art. I couldn’t agree more. But instead of telling you about how much I agree with him, I’m going to let you watch the video. If you’ve ever wondered about creating art of any kind but have been shy about it, like I was and still am, watch this video.

Art is transforming and it says something about human condition. Whether it reflects the pain and suffering we must endure, the love and beauty we experience or the magic of creation, it’s all art. We are all magicians, with something inside us that wants out into the world.

Let it out.

As well, I’d like to take some space to honour a great artist.

Christopher Lee Wickerman

Christopher Lee died today at the age of 93. I know a lot of people are saddened by this news and will miss him. I have to admit my first reaction wasn’t sadness though. My first thought was “Well done! That is how you live a life!”

He lived an amazing life right up until the end. He will absolutely be missed and I’m probably going to track down a copy of my favourite Christopher Lee movie, The Wicker Man and revel in his talent. I’m filled more with a feeling of celebration than sadness. He was a truly an amazing man. He served with the SAS in WW2 and has absolutely terrifying knowledge of how to kill a man. He also released heavy metal albums and always voted Conservative. A man after my own heart.

Rest easy Mr Lee. You lived a full life.


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