The Daily Create – A Sweet Note to My Love

Dearest Paula,

I love the love I have for you.

The butterflies in my stomach flew away a long time ago. My nerves have calmed down and I’ve lost my rose coloured glasses somewhere along the way. Without these things I’m left with my real, true, honest and raw love.

If love is a fire then my fire for you is the kind that sustains life. It keeps me warm in the coldest nights, it scares away animals and it cooks my food. It gives me everything I need to live. It’s well maintained and rarely threatens to burn down the whole forest.

Rarely… not never.

Lately I’ve been surprised about how long ago it’s been since we started dating. People will mention someplace we’ve been and I find myself saying “I went on a date there with Paula a few years ago.” I can’t remember if its  last year, or two years ago… we’ve been together so long it’s all lumped into “a few years ago”.

I like that. I love that.

One day we’ll get married. We’ll have kids and raise them feral in the mountains. Just as God(s) intended.

I love you.

For real.


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